Adrenaline (Epinephrine) 1mg/10mL Pre-filled Syringe

Adrenaline administration time is critical during management of anaphylaxis


Ready to use Adrenaline PFS reduces administration time

– Improves prognosis of anaphylaxis



– Sterile blister ready to use in sterile field

– Tamper evident seal

– Reduces the risk of contamination


Safe & Secure

– Fully compatible Luer Lock connection

– No glass particulate as found in glass ampoule

– Clear ISO compliant labeling with dual graduation for better visibility



 – 24 months at storage temperature below 25°C

 – 36 months at storage temperature below 30°C

 – Can be stored in the fridge (2 – 8oC) but syringes should be returned to room temperature prior to administration