About Us

Who We Are

Intega is a pharmaceutical and healthcare specialist committed to providing access to affordable healthcare, proven quality medicines and first class treatments throughout South East Asia.A region of some 650 million people, it is nevertheless, a region of vast social, economic and political diversity.

Our dedicated and passionate professionals combine international experience with exceptional local knowledge, fully conversant with the different rules, regulations and culture that exist in the region.


We have a proven track record in implementing business strategies for large multi-national organizations in the emerging South East Asian markets and are able to deliver market entry and strong growth for healthcare companies that are looking to develop a transparent, trusting, long-term partnership.

What We Do

Market Entry

We offer market entry expertise for quality prescription drugs, particularly in the specialist fields of Oncology, the Central Nervous System, Cardiovascular and Urology, and for a wide range of medical devices and consumer health products. Our internationally trained team has many years of industry expertise across the South East Asia region that ensures we can efficiently and cost-effectively cover the market entry groundwork to ensure a speedy market introduction.

We provide:

> Strong & relevant product branding, endorsed by the Intega brand name
> Creative & targeted promotional material
> Dynamic sales teams, experienced in the respective local markets
> Customer knowledge and established relationships
> Proven & dependable logistics

Our Values


The rationale behind our name, and to us, the core of our business philosophy.


We seek long-term relationships founded on trust; we only make promises we know we can keep (and then keep them!); we always return product ownership to our partners at the end of a contract.


We take decisions quickly; a small, lean, entrepreneurial company, we are nimble, flexible and not hidebound by internal bureaucracy; we are highly capable at adapting to the almost daily changes in local rules and regulations.


We believe in, and are committed to, our mission of delivering and providing easy access to healthcare in South East Asia. We know that this is achievable through strong, dynamic business partnerships.


For local laws; we are very good at working through the red tape, but we do not put ourselves or partners at risk of wrong-doing.

For our customers and business partners.

For our own people.

Our Key People

Our Key Partners


Corporate Social Responsibility

Action4Diabetics (A4D) saves and transforms lives by providing medical care and essential support to young people with Type 1 Diabetes. Operating in emerging countries in South-East Asia, the A4D Team strives making a positive impact in the lives of those who need our help. View details