Market Entry


In the developing countries of South East Asia, too often prescription drugs are priced out of the reach of all but the very rich. There is, though, a large and growing middle class with increasing levels of disposable income that demands access to the treatments available.


They are therefore a prime target market for high quality branded pharmaceuticals at affordable prices, and Intega’s local knowledge and infrastructure provides the means for manufacturers to exploit this opportunity.

We offer an implementation strategy in partnership with manufacturers, delivering:

> Market appraisal > Market entry strategy
> Regulatory knowledge > Market positioning
> Market Authorization > Pricing strategy


> Strong & relevant product branding, endorsed by the Intega brand name
> Creative & targeted promotional material
> Dynamic sales teams, experienced in the respective local markets
> Customer knowledge and established relationships
> Proven & dependable logistics

Our success has been built on our professionalism and our integrity.
We value and work hard to develop long term business partnerships.


If, though, at the end of a contract a partner wishes to pursue an alternative business strategy we relinquish all rights to the product – every time, no questions asked!