PhotoBiomodulation with Blue Light: A new therapeutic frontier in the healing of wounds

PhotoBioModulation (PBM) is a form of light therapy that utilizes non-ionizing forms of light sources, including lasers, LEDs and broadband light, in the visible and infrared spectrum.

PBM is a process which involves endogenous light absorbing molecules, the so-called chromophores (e.g. Protoporphyrin IX, Cytochrome C, Cytchrome C Oxidases), that absorb and transform light into energy to trigger and modulate specific physical (photophysical) chemical events (photochemical effect) at various biological scales.

Interactions between light and these chromophores have been demonstrated to modulate biological processes, including inflammation, angiogenesis, and signal transduction pathways that recruit transcription factors activating several genes involved in multiple aspects of cell biology

Photobiomodulation with EmoLED Blue LED light, in the specific blue light light wavelength (400 – 430 nm), is a recent technological and scientific achievement that has been extensively studied in animal models and in humans where it has demonstrated to elicit therapeutic effects such as
• Alleviation of pain
• Alleviation/resolution of inflammation
• Promotion of faster wound healing and tissue regeneration



EmoLED is a class IIa medical device for Photobiomodulation with Blue LED Light:

An innovative advanced therapy


  • To be used in the management of chronic wounds of various etiologies.
  • In addition to conventional therapy, during wound bed preparation.
  • Based on the direct transfer of energy from the device to the patient without the use of mediators (chemical additives or drugs).



No contact, portable, handy, easy to use, equipped with:


  • Adjustable optical head with LEDs emitting Blue Light, optical power density of 120 mW/cm2 covering a diameter of 5cm. Battery power supply.
  • Sensor to help the operator to keep the proper distance.
  • Display touch screen for setting and managing the treatment (the duration of the application and the power are preset and cannot be modified).



A safe and well tolerated therapy


  • Each EmoLED application has a duration of 60 seconds and is performed on a circular area with a diameter of 5cm.
  • For wounds larger than 5cm, subsequent applications can be performed on the adjacent areas to cover the entire lesioned area.
  • The recommended treatment distance is 4 cm from the wound bed.
  • The device must be used by specialized personnel at every wound cleansing and dress changing session.
  • Clinical experience has demonstrated the effectiveness of EmoLED when applied at least once a week to reduce healing time, inflammation and pain.
  • There are no restrictions on the type of lesions which can be treated by EmoLED, with the exception of neoplastic lesions.


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