Holmium Laser

Holmium Laser 30W is powerful and offers a wide range of different frequencies and energy.


The setup of frequency and energy is integrated in an intuitive and pre-programmed menu: for a fine and accurate treatment strategy and for stone or soft tissue with a very easy handling.

Wave Length:

YAG 2100 nm

Pulse energy:

0.2 – 4J

Pulse frequency:

3 – 25 Hz

Pulse duration:

150-850 μs

Pulse width:

100-1500 micro sec (lamp)

Pulse length regulation:


Identification of Fiber:

Fiber RFID with TAG devise

Average power: up to 30W – Wavelength:

2100nm+/- 20nm


100-120 VAC : 50/60 HZ 16 A / 200-240 VAC : 50/60 HZ 10 A


938 x 332 x 967 H x W x D 5(mm)


60 kg