KerEcis Omega3 Wound

Intact fish skin grafts for tissue regeneration


      • Intact Icelandic fish skin, which is naturally similar in structure to
        human skin and used for tissue regeneration

      • Natural microbial barrier

      • Intact fish skin graft facilitates early cellular ingrowth resulting in

        faster healing than amnion membrane and mammalian tissue

      • Proven results in two non-industry sponsored double-blind

         randomized controlled trials

     • Superior economic performance



Indications for use

• Diabetic ulcers                           • Trauma wounds: abrasions, lacerations,

• Chronic vascular ulcers              second-degree burns, skin tears

• Venous ulcers                            • Surgical wounds: donor sites/grafts, post-Mohs surgery,

• Pressure ulcers                            post-laser surgery, podiatric, wound dehiscence

• Draining wounds                      • Partial and full-thickness wounds


Available as:

• 3×3.5 cm

• 3×7 cm