Principelle IF

Principelle IF® is a sterile wound dressing, comprising an inert acetate substrate impregnated with an ointment containing a blend of trace elements and medical grade honey. The formulation for dressings contains no synthetic components. Minerals, trace elements, and oxides are directly blended with medical grade dark buckwheat honey.


Principelle IF® medical grade honey wound dressing is indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, including contaminated and infected wounds. It may be used on moderatelyexuding, lightly exuding and dry wounds. With a suitable secondary dressing it can also be used on heavily exuding wounds. Depending on the wound type it may be covered by traditional dressings, a special film dressing, a foam or alginate dressing, or Principelle Matrix.

Available as:

• Principelle IF Dressing: 5×6 cm, 8×10 cm, 8×20 cm, 10×30 cm

• Principelle IF Ointment: 10 g/tube, 20 g/tube