Principelle Matrix

Principelle Matrix is a next generation sterile composite hydrogel wound dressing. Its design is based on a naturally occurring bioactive process. Mimicking this process synthetically allows for a close match to the complex processes that take place in chronic wounds.


Principelle Matrix is a hydrated, superabsorbing copolymer (presence of various kinds of polymers) dressing. The unique design allows for an unparallelled capacity to hydrate and absorb within one dressing. This function is a perfect match to the moisture needs of the human skin. At present, two types are available: Principelle Matrix 10x10cm. Principelle Matrix Border (skin-friendly adhesive border; island size 6.8×6.8cm)


Available as:

• 10×10 cm

• 10×10 cm border included. The island is 6.8 X 6.8 cm